PHD-related publications

We apply real world multi-objective evolutionary optimization to optimize both control and morphology of a four-legged mammal-inspired robot, and show that evolution is able to adapt to different hardware limitations.
In GECCO18 (ACM), 2018.

We introduce our new robot platform, as well as the results of a study that verifies the performance impact of self-reconfiguration.
Preprint: Arxiv, 2018.

We propose using a high level controller with multi-objective optimization on a physical four legged robot to evolve fast and stable gaits. This achieves a range of robust gaits for the quadruped robot, but does not require the excessive hardware tests associated with traditional multi-objective evolution in hardware.
In SSCI (IEEE), 2016.

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. Real-World Evolution Adapts Robot Morphology and Control to Hardware Limitations. In GECCO18 (ACM), 2018.

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. Self-Modifying Morphology Experiments with DyRET: Dynamic Robot for Embodied Testing. Preprint: Arxiv, 2018.

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. Exploring Mechanically Self-Reconfiguring Robots for Autonomous Design. In Workshop on Autonomous Robot Design at ICRA18, 2018.

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. Overcoming Initial Convergence in Multi-objective Evolution of Robot Control and Morphology Using a Two-Phase Approach. In EvoApplications (Springer), 2017.

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. Multi-objective Evolution of Fast and Stable Gaits on a Physical Quadruped Robotic Platform. In SSCI (IEEE), 2016.

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Short interview about the DyRET robot and evolutionary robotics., 18. may 2018
Interview about the DyRET robot and our work at the University., 29. jan 2017
An interview about rapid prototyping and evolutionary robotics (Norwegian), 11. oct 2016
Interview about robots that learn, and the goals of the EPEC project (Norwegian)



The robot I am developing as part of my PHD - a four legged mammal-inspired robot with mechanical self-reconfiguration.


“Engineering Predictability with Embodied Cognition” - A University of Oslo project, funded by the Research Council of Norway

Master thesis

Evolutionary optimization of robot morphology and control - Using evolutionary algorithms in the design of a six legged robotic platform